Starting a Laser Engraving Business From Home

If you have toyed with the idea of starting a laser engraving business, you are on the right track. This business is applicable to many industries and is a good source of income, especially if you do it right.

It Is More than Just Engraving

One of the good things about laser engraving is that it entails more than just engraving, it involves cutting as well. The versatility makes this business amazing. If you have some computer knowledge as well as passion for working with computers, you will love this job. Another reason why it is so appealing is because you can work from home.

Easy to Use

The laser engraver from requires little knowledge to master. As long as you can learn how to use the software, you can engrave quickly. You can use the laser engraver the way you use a printer. You design what you want from the computer and then send it to the machine which engraves it.

When you decide to buy the laser engraving machine, make sure you consider the power. The power is the one that determines the kinds of jobs that you can take. Some people have bought these machines only to find that they cannot use the machines for some tasks because they chose the wrong power rating.

To reduce the amount of power used, you can reduce the number of attachments so that you have more power for each task. Get an air assist feature, which is ideal for projects that involve cutting of wood, working with rubber stamps and acrylic.

The Workbench

You need to have a space to work from. Depending on the kind of tasks you wish to perform, you need to choose the right kind of workbench. You can set up the bench in your garage or in a separate room. To make the cutting quick and effortless, go for a vector table.


There are a wide number of items you can handle including plaques, awards, jewelry, tools, laptops and more. This means you won’t run out of business. You can even engrave glass and leather – the options are limitless.

Final Thoughts

Starting a laser engraving business is easy and profitable. All you need is the right kind of laser engraver and have enough space to work. Take time to muster the software so that you can enjoy using the equipment. Understand the power rating you need to deliver the project in totality.