Moisturizers – Beneficial For Your Skin

Moisturizer is the cosmetic preparation or cream that is applied on the face or whole body to prevent dryness. Moisturizers are generally rich in vitamins, antioxidants and many fatty acids which help in the protection of the skin.

In this modern world, trend and use of makeup products are increasing rapidly. Moisturizer is also an important part of makeup. Moisturizers generally include body lotion, moisturizing creams, and anti-aging creams. Nowadays, these moisturizers have become common. There are many offline and online stores like Moisturize creams from where you can purchase a moisturizer at an affordable price.

Ingredients used in moisturizers

There are various types of ingredients and essential oils used in the manufacturing of moisturizers. But the two most important ingredients that are used in manufacturing moisturizers are humectants and emollient ingredients. Humectants ingredient helps in the attraction of water to the skin and emollient ingredient is responsible for sealing the moisture by forming a protective barrier or layer.

Along with ingredients, there are various essential oils used in moisturizers such as frankincense, carrot seed, and Calophyllum. These essential oils are rich in vitamin A and C. Vitamin A and Vitamin C helps in rejuvenating and nourishing your skin.

Many base oils which are rich in essential fatty acids are used in moisturizers such as macadamia oil, rose hip oil, and olive or avocado oil. These base oils help to hold the moisture and also help in hydrating dehydrated cells.

How to apply the moisturizer?

Before applying the moisturizer, wash your face with slightly warm water or rose water so that the dirt and debris are removed from your face. Cleansing and washing your face also helps in removing excess oil. After washing and cleansing of the face is done, apply the moisturizer on the slight wet face. For a better result, moisturizers must be applied twice a day.

Advantages of moisturizers

Moisturizers can be applied to face and over the whole body in any season whether it’s summer, winter, etc. Moisturizer is essential for all types of skins. Dry skin which is usually known as aging skin has maximum benefits of moisturizers as it helps in rejuvenating your skin and prevents further wrinkles. Moisture also helps in removing excessive oil from your face. Many moisturizers contain sunscreen which helps in the protection of skin from melanoma or other seasonal affective disorders.

Types of moisturizers

Moisturizers are generally of two forms, water and cream. Water moisturizers are best for oily skin as they help in removing excess oil from your face. Cream based moisturizers are suitable for dry and wrinkled skin.

There are many other moisturizers such as lotions, gels, creams, and sun protection creams which help in protecting and rejuvenating your skin. These moisturizers are available in many online and offline stores and their price may vary according to their quality and brand.