What is a handheld laser engraver?

In each industry, you have a choice to bring the work to the tool or bring the tool to work. Previously, the laser cutter has always been in the first category as traditionally many companies have used and are still using big laser applications to complete work in factories or warehouses. However, thanks to the new state of the art technology a new versatile unit has been created that can be easily moved for convenient operation from any location. This device is revolutionary to the industry and is taking preference over the bigger machines.

A more cost-effective option

Not only is it smaller and portable it is also proving to be a more cost-effective option as it does not require renting out a warehouse to store the machine. Another cost-saving benefit is that with this option there is minimal maintenance required as the method is a non-contact process with no wear and tear on the device and ensures that the laser has a long operational life.

Very easy to use and operate

This new technology is very easy to use so that practically anyone can learn quickly how to operate a machine and start engraving. In fact, it works very similar to the same way a printer is operated as most of these new machines come with a USB or Bluetooth interface which means it can be connected to a computer and operated remotely by software.

It can be operated remotely unlike other similar machines

If portability is important to you and your business then these smaller machines are a very efficient choice as they are handheld and portable which you can use to operate remotely. Thus, you can work from any location and are not restricted to a factory or warehouse like some of the other larger laser applications.

It is a faster and more precise option 

This method can complete work much faster than other methods. Its high-speed scan will allow the operator to work at maximum speed and complete in a shorter amount of time again making it a more time-efficient choice and also increasing productivity.

Not only is it a faster method for marking objects it also offers higher quality precision when engraving making it a more reliable option to produce. This technology offers the most accurate processing methods in the engraving industry meaning detailed graphics can be engraved even on the smallest surfaces.

Can mark almost any material

Another benefit of this engraver is that it is capable of marking and producing permanent legible non-removable marks on almost any material. This machine will work most effectively on materials such as canvas, glass, plastic, metal and wooden surfaces. This can be done on a wide variety of materials with sizes ranging from small to relatively large.

This innovative laser machine allows you to explore new ways to express your creativity when decorating surfaces. The technology makes laser cutters easier to use, portable and enjoyable for everyone. Due to these reasons, it is becoming a popular choice when engraving. Get your handheld laser engraver from MarkinBox.