How to Use Hashtags Effectively on Instagram

How to Use Hashtags Effectively on Instagram

Hashtags are still powerful. Repeated research shows that they can increase your engagement by up to 12.6%. In other words, you have every reason to create a hashtag to grow your business and brand on Instagram. Here are a few tips to enable you to get the most out of your hashtags.

Know Why you are Using a Specific Hashtag

Yes, this is where it all begins.  For starters, tags are an excellent tool to keep up with the success of your posts. They allow you to know which content got the most impressions and so on. By extension, this means that you can develop a better content creation strategy to enable you to get maximum engagement.

On top of that, you can use a particular hashtag to get your brand noticed. In a way, this is a growth strategy to get you more followers, likes, and comments. And, speaking of growth, check The Small Business Blog for more information about Instagress, a company that shut down a while ago and the best alternatives.

Know the Different Types of Hashtags

While no one will tell you this, Instagram hashtags are available in all shapes and sizes. It, therefore, means that getting well acquainted with various hashtags will enable you to know which one to use to target your audience better.

Branded hashtags, for instance, are unique to your business or brand. They can be as straightforward as your tagline or company name. You can also use a hashtag that has nothing to do with your brand name but relevant to what you are promoting.

Community hashtags, on the other hand, connect like-minded Instagrammers to a particular subject. However, they have not relation to a business. And then there are campaign hashtags. These are great for short term use. You can use them for Instagram live or Stories.

Know How to Find the Best Hashtags

As stated, hashtags can help you increase your reach if you use them correctly. However, you have to find the hashtags that can create the impact you want. Indeed, popular hashtags get used millions of times, but that doesn’t mean that they will get you the same number of likes and comments.

Choose smaller tags, confined to your niche to create better engagement.  The best way to do this is to analyze your audience, influencers within your industry and competitors to know what they are using.

The Bottom Line

The more you hone your skills regarding the use of hashtags, the easier it will be to market your brand or business.  Timing is of the essence here. Know when to use a particular hashtag to ensure that your content reaches as many people as possible.

Also, don’t use too many tags. The last thing that a serious brand would want is to look spammy in the eyes of their followers or target audience. Experts recommend that you use between five and ten hashtags. Some say three, based on how often you post.

Do you Really Need Personal Trainer

Do you Really Need a Personal Trainer?

Yes, you do. See, training on your own isn’t the simplest of things to do. You need someone by your side to help you achieve your fitness goals, efficiently and with no injuries. And, that’s not the only reason you should hire a personal trainer. Others include;

Tailor-made Goals

Fitness goals differ from one person to the other. You, therefore, need a specific workout regimen to help you get the results that you want. Your trainer will create a personalized program to make it easy for you to hit your target as soon as possible. He or she will assess things such as your physical condition, and medical background to determine which exercise are best for you.  He or she will also take into consideration injuries, back pain and so on.


One of the biggest challenges of working out alone is the inability to stick to procedures especially if you’re getting started. At times, you don’t even know which routine to follow. With a personal trainer, however, you don’t have to worry about your movements.

He or she will demonstrate how to do it correctly, coach you through the steps and correct any problems with your technique or posture. If you’re training for Brazilian Jujitsu, for instance, you need a trainer who understands the rules of the game.  On that note, click here to find out how a martial arts coach can improve how you train.


It’s not easy to follow through a workout program when training alone. A trainer will give you the push you need to maintain regular sessions. It is the small things that give you the drive to get up and hit the gym such as compliments and praise. A coach celebrating your progress, technique or consistency is reason enough to make you train frequently.


You can get tempted to skip training sessions when you don’t have someone to question your commitment.  A personal coach could very be the accountability partner you need to make sure that you don’t fall off the wagon. Plus, the fact that you want to impress your coach will always keep you on your toes.


A good workout program involves alternating exercises. In other words, if you don’t know what to do, you might end up following one routine for months. An experienced trainer will teach you a variety of workout techniques to ensure that your sessions are different. Besides, he or she will help you make the adjustments you need to transition from one routine to another.

See? There’s every reason to hire a personal trainer!

Instagram Automation Can Make or Break Your Social Media Marketing Efforts

Visuals play a huge role in marketing, which is why it is vital for you to start marketing on Instagram. With more views, shares, and likes, you become a trusted figure in your niche.

Instagram lets you share images and videos about your services and products with your followers. Using it the right way enhances your online presence with all that you need.

Due to its overwhelming success in just a short while, Instagram has gone ahead to become one of the top social media networks for brands and companies. Additionally, the success of Instagram makes automation necessary, especially in a world where the numbers make or break your business.

Manual Sharing – Not Easy at All

One of the factors that make automation a darling to many people is the fact that it is hard to get the numbers you need manually. With a busy lifestyle, you are looking at hours upon hours handling tasks that might not give you the results that you need. Using automation gives you the chance to focus on other tasks apart from sitting all day tapping away on your phone.

Auto Posting Takes Your Account to a Brand New Level

The use of Instagram auto-posting tools makes sure you don’t have to do the posting manually. All you need to do is to make sure you have the content that you desire to post, then leave the rest to the bot. The bot follows what you have come up with, making it easy for you.

The bot can post a wide variety of mediums, ranging from images to videos. You can even schedule the bot to post content for Instagram Stories as well.

Make Use of Trending Hashtags

If you wish to have your content discovered, you need to make sure you attach the right hashtags. These hashtags are the ones that make the content stand out, and it also makes it possible for your content to be searchable on the platform. The automation tool makes sure it gets trending hashtags that you can then use in your posts.

After posting, you can use a bot that gives you more likes, which makes your posts go viral quickly. Medium talks about automatic likes with LikeSocial, make sure you check it out.

In Closing

Take time to understand what Instagram can do for your business, then go ahead to find a bot that can make your tasks on Instagram easier and faster.

Why Twitter Is Famous Among Celebrities

Most of the celebrities that you know are Twitter users and you may have asked yourself why this platform is very famous. Other platforms crop up and promise to change how people use social media but Twitter always withstands it. The only major competitors are Facebook and Instagram but the two have different approaches when it comes to making posts. Despite the limited number of characters that one can use on Twitter, it is still famous among the young and old generation. The following are the reasons why Twitter is very famous among celebrities and those in the entertainment space.

    1. Use of hashtags

Most social platforms display the latest posts on the newsfeed which lowers the chance of older posts being viewed. The only way you can view content that was posted like 5 hours ago on an active account is by clicking a specific profile and the chances are very low. Such people realize that hashtags make a post more visible because everyone following a specific hashtag will most likely land on your content. The content can remain relevant for hours, days or weeks depending on the nature of the hashtag. Remember to use the hashtags creatively to avoid having misplaced posts that will put away followers.

    1. Easy to automate

The 24 hours in a day is not enough for most people to perform all the tasks that they require to do. Celebrities know that being active on social media is important to grow their brands but at the same time, they have other things to attend to. The only way to balance the two sides is by automating some functions. Some of the functions you can automate easily include following new users, posting and engaging followers. Automation tools come with varying features because needs vary as well. Spire has an in-depth review of Tweepi to give you a rough idea of how an automation tool works.

    1. Engagement is easy

If there is something that keeps a Twitter account active, then it is engaging customers. Twitter allows celebs to tag other users in their posts. Such users can then reply directly, retweet or even like the post. People can follow an interesting thread which makes the account more famous. Some of the celebrities work with social influencers to ensure that their posts reach as many people as possible. Such users also mention their most active followers on their posts and encourage them to share the content.

Cool Gadgets to Own Right Now

New gadgets keep hitting the market, thick and fast. You don’t have to be left behind. In a world where everything is getting savvy by day, these gadgets will make a great addition to your life.

A Pair of Bluetooth Headset

We’re living in the era of hands-free tech. A Bluetooth headset will allow you to answer your calls without having to touch your phone. Think of it is and a device that helps you to talk, walk and more. Now, you don’t have to miss you call just because you’re at the gym, on a treadmill. State-of-the-art Bluetooth headsets provide a talk time of up to 12 hours. Some have a playback time of 10 hours.

A Portable Smartphone Charger

The last thing that you want to happen to you while on the go is a dead phone battery. However, with a portable charger, your phone doesn’t have to run out of juice. Most models are pocket-sized to fit into your backpack without taking a lot of your valuable space. So, the next time you head out to the woods for a camping trip, make sure that you carry a charger to help you stay connected with your family and friends.

A Streaming Stick

Streaming sticks are one of the most revolutionary tech devices to pop up over the last couple of years. These let you beam video content from your tablet, phone or laptop straight to your TV. Plus, the sticks come with a remote control to keep you in charge. If you’re a Netflix ninja, a streaming stick is indeed one of the coolest gadgets to own right now.

A Decent Camera

Your smartphone may be having a camera but it’s also good to own a standalone digital camera. At times, you need to take more than your selfie. If you’re an online seller, for instance, a digital camera will help you take shots that will make your products stand out from the rest. Besides, you may need more than your phone’s camera to take smashing photos for your Instagram account.

The Bottom Line

Get at least one or two gadgets to take advantage of the technological advancement. However, that doesn’t mean you should spend absurd amounts of money just to look cool. Be sure to read tips that can be trusted to help you get that device you’ve been yearning for without burning through your wallet.

Starting a Laser Engraving Business From Home

If you have toyed with the idea of starting a laser engraving business, you are on the right track. This business is applicable to many industries and is a good source of income, especially if you do it right.

It Is More than Just Engraving

One of the good things about laser engraving is that it entails more than just engraving, it involves cutting as well. The versatility makes this business amazing. If you have some computer knowledge as well as passion for working with computers, you will love this job. Another reason why it is so appealing is because you can work from home.

Easy to Use

The laser engraver from requires little knowledge to master. As long as you can learn how to use the software, you can engrave quickly. You can use the laser engraver the way you use a printer. You design what you want from the computer and then send it to the machine which engraves it.

When you decide to buy the laser engraving machine, make sure you consider the power. The power is the one that determines the kinds of jobs that you can take. Some people have bought these machines only to find that they cannot use the machines for some tasks because they chose the wrong power rating.

To reduce the amount of power used, you can reduce the number of attachments so that you have more power for each task. Get an air assist feature, which is ideal for projects that involve cutting of wood, working with rubber stamps and acrylic.

The Workbench

You need to have a space to work from. Depending on the kind of tasks you wish to perform, you need to choose the right kind of workbench. You can set up the bench in your garage or in a separate room. To make the cutting quick and effortless, go for a vector table.


There are a wide number of items you can handle including plaques, awards, jewelry, tools, laptops and more. This means you won’t run out of business. You can even engrave glass and leather – the options are limitless.

Final Thoughts

Starting a laser engraving business is easy and profitable. All you need is the right kind of laser engraver and have enough space to work. Take time to muster the software so that you can enjoy using the equipment. Understand the power rating you need to deliver the project in totality.

Personalize Your Stethoscope

A stethoscope represents the symbol of medicine for all humanity globally. It holds a great deal of importance for any medical professional as once the doctor starts using a stethoscope and gets attached to it; it becomes hard to use a different one. If you are working in an environment that has several medical professionals in the same area, the probability of losing your stethoscope is very high. Once you misplace it, it becomes challenging to get another one that will serve you like your previous piece.

Buying the Stethoscope

As a medical professional, you need the best stethoscope that suits all your needs. Make sure you understand the role of the stethoscope in your field and get the right one from Stethoscope Lab. Once you know what you need, you ought to go ahead and buy the right one while considering the brand and the size as well. Nowadays the stethoscope comes in different colors to give you a wide variety of options.


To prevent loss or to make it easy for you to keep track of your stethoscope, you need to customize it. Remember, you can only achieve this after you grab the best stethoscope for your role. Let us look at the different ways you can do this.

  • Use laser engraving to add your name to the rubber tube. This engraving is the most popular type and leaves the stethoscope looking professional. The markings will be visible from a distance. The marks cannot be rubbed off and will vary in color depending on the color of the rubber tubing.
  • You can also have the markings made on the chest piece of the stethoscope. However, this should be done the right way because it might hamper the performance of the tool. If the instrument allows it, the design will also be professional. You can have the whole name engraved on the stethoscope or the initials alone.
  • Hand engraving can also add some markings to your stethoscope. The engraver uses a dermal tool that makes the markings look even nicer.

Apart from engraving markings on the stethoscope, you can also use hand beads to make the design unique.

Final Words

Stethoscopes are a marvel and have been in use for decades. With the right stethoscope, you will enjoy the right diagnoses all the time. Make sure you get the right stethoscope and personalize it so that you can keep track of it all the time thus not losing it.

Expert Instagram Marketing Tips

For you to improve your Instagram marketing you need to steadily increase your following on the platform. This is because as more people come into contact with your brand and follow it, you get a bigger audience that you can access everytime you post. Let us look at the top tips to achieve a following that will change the way you engage your audience. The tips are from studies that we have read so that you don’t have to go through the research process.

Your Audience Loves Current, Useful and Creative Content

Research shows that the bulk of Instagram users fall between the ages of 25 and 34 years, followed closely by users between the ages of 18 and 24 years. Is your target audience is between the age of 18 and 35 years of age, then Instagram represents a great platform to market your products and services to potential customers and engage with existing ones.

You can maximize the potential to reach this group by sharing great content that will make the audience to stop and notice.

Post More Consistently

Many Instagram users wonder how many times they should post to Instagram to get the best out of this platform. You will find companies that post ten times without any gain in following while some post once and gain a huge following.  For your information, you need to post more consistently as compared to posting more frequently.

Achieving the right consistency needs more than just posting a photo or comment and waiting for the likes to follow. One of the best ways to do this is to automate your posts. You can achieve this by using the right Instagram bots. With so many bots on the market, you need to know what works and what doesn’t work. Check out to know more about finding the right bot.

Use Both Hashtags and Location Tags

Using hashtags is one of the best ways for people to get your posts on Instagram, but add in location tags and people can find you by location as well. This makes it easy for you to handle targeted marketing for better results.

The Bottom-line

Building your brand on Instagram is a gradual process that is fruitful in the end. You need to take time to come up with the best content, post more consistently and come up with the right hashtags and location tags.

What is a handheld laser engraver?

In each industry, you have a choice to bring the work to the tool or bring the tool to work. Previously, the laser cutter has always been in the first category as traditionally many companies have used and are still using big laser applications to complete work in factories or warehouses. However, thanks to the new state of the art technology a new versatile unit has been created that can be easily moved for convenient operation from any location. This device is revolutionary to the industry and is taking preference over the bigger machines.

A more cost-effective option

Not only is it smaller and portable it is also proving to be a more cost-effective option as it does not require renting out a warehouse to store the machine. Another cost-saving benefit is that with this option there is minimal maintenance required as the method is a non-contact process with no wear and tear on the device and ensures that the laser has a long operational life.

Very easy to use and operate

This new technology is very easy to use so that practically anyone can learn quickly how to operate a machine and start engraving. In fact, it works very similar to the same way a printer is operated as most of these new machines come with a USB or Bluetooth interface which means it can be connected to a computer and operated remotely by software.

It can be operated remotely unlike other similar machines

If portability is important to you and your business then these smaller machines are a very efficient choice as they are handheld and portable which you can use to operate remotely. Thus, you can work from any location and are not restricted to a factory or warehouse like some of the other larger laser applications.

It is a faster and more precise option 

This method can complete work much faster than other methods. Its high-speed scan will allow the operator to work at maximum speed and complete in a shorter amount of time again making it a more time-efficient choice and also increasing productivity.

Not only is it a faster method for marking objects it also offers higher quality precision when engraving making it a more reliable option to produce. This technology offers the most accurate processing methods in the engraving industry meaning detailed graphics can be engraved even on the smallest surfaces.

Can mark almost any material

Another benefit of this engraver is that it is capable of marking and producing permanent legible non-removable marks on almost any material. This machine will work most effectively on materials such as canvas, glass, plastic, metal and wooden surfaces. This can be done on a wide variety of materials with sizes ranging from small to relatively large.

This innovative laser machine allows you to explore new ways to express your creativity when decorating surfaces. The technology makes laser cutters easier to use, portable and enjoyable for everyone. Due to these reasons, it is becoming a popular choice when engraving. Get your handheld laser engraver from MarkinBox.

Taking Your Video Marketing Efforts to The Next Level

Taking Your Video Marketing Efforts to The Next Level

Online video marketing is one of the ways to get on the first page of search engine results pages effortlessly. Many search engines currently rank both videos and written content the same way when it comes to ranking your website. Here are a few ways to increase the chances of your video getting a top spot thus resulting in free traffic to your website.

Create Content-rich Videos

Studies show that most web visitors won’t watch your video for more than 60 seconds. Half of these don’t watch the video past the 30-second mark. This means you need to create short but engaging videos. You need to make sure you deliver the content within the shortest time possible. Focus on a single topic and make sure you exhaust it within a maximum of 90 seconds.

Host the Videos on YouTube

If you are given a single choice to pick the best site to host your videos, go to YouTube. This site has the largest market share among all the video hosting sites. You can use software to submit your videos to different video sites at the same time.

Have the Right Title

This is a vital step that most people overlook. Make sure you give the video clip the right title depending on what search criteria you need the viewer to use to find the information in the video. If the video is all about finding used cars, then you expect people to use “used cars” plus the location you are selling the car from to get to your site.

Have a Website

You can use your videos to redirect viewers to your website. Doing this can help generate lots of traffic to your site. One way to do this is to have the link to your site in the description or have the link scroll across the screen at the start or towards the end of the video. Viewers can click this link to get to your site with the aim of accessing more useful content. Read more to find out how to get the right website for hosting your videos.

Final Words

One of the most overlooked advertising methods is the use of content-rich videos. You can host these videos on your website or YouTube. Make sure the videos aren’t more than 90 seconds, and they have the right title to make them searchable. Host the videos on YouTube to get more views and leave a link so that users can link back to your site. Using videos the right way place you at the top of search engine results pages.