Instagram Tips for Creatives

Instagram Tips for Creatives

Sure, your Instagram account must have a beautiful feed. But, you have to do more than that especially if you’re a creative looking for attention. What follows is a rundown of tips that will help make you stand out whether you are a photographer, musician, graphic designer or blogger.

Automate Some Tasks

See, there’s a lot to do on Instagram from creating content to following other people, leaving likes and comments. But, you can automate activities such as liking, commenting and following. You can also schedule your posts to maintain engagement. Visit Free Your Spine to discover the best Instagram automation services and what they have to offer. That way, you can focus on other marketing strategies.

Acquire Followers

Indeed, everyone starts with zero Instagram followers, but you need to learn how to get the numbers on your side from the get-go. Remember, the more followers you have, the easier it is to get noticed. So, share quality content and attractive images. Follow other accounts and influencers in your industry.  Also, send direct messages to your followers once in a while to make them feel appreciated and most importantly give them a reason to keep following you.

Perfect the Art of Using Hashtags

No one will tell you this, but hashtags play a critical role to others finding your content. As a creative, you want to showcase your best work to potential clients and possibly generate leads. So be sure to use at least five hashtags in your posts. Look for popular hashtags and use them to make your content more discoverable.

Go Business

Switch your account to business. One of the biggest perks of doing so is that you will be able to add links to your Stories. More than that, an Instagram business account allows you access to Analytics, a tool that will show you the impressions of your content and peak times to post. By extension, this implies that you can know when to post to create the most engagement.

The Bottom Line

Instagram is now attracting more than one billion users every month. It is the perfect social media platform to be on right now if you want to display your creative prowess. Don’t forget to interact with your audience. Ask them questions to help you package your brand better. Also, plan your content a day or two before posting to enable you to go through it. As stated, you have to make sure that you’re sharing high-quality posts.