Instagram Automation Can Make or Break Your Social Media Marketing Efforts

Visuals play a huge role in marketing, which is why it is vital for you to start marketing on Instagram. With more views, shares, and likes, you become a trusted figure in your niche.

Instagram lets you share images and videos about your services and products with your followers. Using it the right way enhances your online presence with all that you need.

Due to its overwhelming success in just a short while, Instagram has gone ahead to become one of the top social media networks for brands and companies. Additionally, the success of Instagram makes automation necessary, especially in a world where the numbers make or break your business.

Manual Sharing – Not Easy at All

One of the factors that make automation a darling to many people is the fact that it is hard to get the numbers you need manually. With a busy lifestyle, you are looking at hours upon hours handling tasks that might not give you the results that you need. Using automation gives you the chance to focus on other tasks apart from sitting all day tapping away on your phone.

Auto Posting Takes Your Account to a Brand New Level

The use of Instagram auto-posting tools makes sure you don’t have to do the posting manually. All you need to do is to make sure you have the content that you desire to post, then leave the rest to the bot. The bot follows what you have come up with, making it easy for you.

The bot can post a wide variety of mediums, ranging from images to videos. You can even schedule the bot to post content for Instagram Stories as well.

Make Use of Trending Hashtags

If you wish to have your content discovered, you need to make sure you attach the right hashtags. These hashtags are the ones that make the content stand out, and it also makes it possible for your content to be searchable on the platform. The automation tool makes sure it gets trending hashtags that you can then use in your posts.

After posting, you can use a bot that gives you more likes, which makes your posts go viral quickly. Medium talks about automatic likes with LikeSocial, make sure you check it out.

In Closing

Take time to understand what Instagram can do for your business, then go ahead to find a bot that can make your tasks on Instagram easier and faster.

Why Twitter Is Famous Among Celebrities

Most of the celebrities that you know are Twitter users and you may have asked yourself why this platform is very famous. Other platforms crop up and promise to change how people use social media but Twitter always withstands it. The only major competitors are Facebook and Instagram but the two have different approaches when it comes to making posts. Despite the limited number of characters that one can use on Twitter, it is still famous among the young and old generation. The following are the reasons why Twitter is very famous among celebrities and those in the entertainment space.

    1. Use of hashtags

Most social platforms display the latest posts on the newsfeed which lowers the chance of older posts being viewed. The only way you can view content that was posted like 5 hours ago on an active account is by clicking a specific profile and the chances are very low. Such people realize that hashtags make a post more visible because everyone following a specific hashtag will most likely land on your content. The content can remain relevant for hours, days or weeks depending on the nature of the hashtag. Remember to use the hashtags creatively to avoid having misplaced posts that will put away followers.

    1. Easy to automate

The 24 hours in a day is not enough for most people to perform all the tasks that they require to do. Celebrities know that being active on social media is important to grow their brands but at the same time, they have other things to attend to. The only way to balance the two sides is by automating some functions. Some of the functions you can automate easily include following new users, posting and engaging followers. Automation tools come with varying features because needs vary as well. Spire has an in-depth review of Tweepi to give you a rough idea of how an automation tool works.

    1. Engagement is easy

If there is something that keeps a Twitter account active, then it is engaging customers. Twitter allows celebs to tag other users in their posts. Such users can then reply directly, retweet or even like the post. People can follow an interesting thread which makes the account more famous. Some of the celebrities work with social influencers to ensure that their posts reach as many people as possible. Such users also mention their most active followers on their posts and encourage them to share the content.